Warehousing services are a set of measures, including unloading, storage in a warehouse and loading of cargo on the type of transport that will further transport the goods. Usually, warehousing services are used in multimodal transportation, because the goods are delivered to one point and stored there, waiting for the next stage of transportation. In order consumer properties the cargo must be stored qualitatively.

«Sea Express» offers the following services:

  • cross-docking (repacking products from one mode of transport to another without being placed in a long-term storage zone.);
  • organization of short-term and long-term storage of goods;
  • weighing;
  • marking;
  • repackaging;
  • formation of shipping lots;
  • delivery of goods from a warehouse to the port;
  • photographing;
  • safekeeping.

«Sea Express» is a partner for a large number of warehouses. Depending on the customer’s needs and specific transport task, «Sea Express» chooses the most appropriate storage facility for each situation.

Our employees constantly monitor various warehouses, analyzing their services, storage conditions and, of course, prices, choosing the best and most suitable options for our clients.





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