Road transportation

Road transport is the best solution for transportation of relatively small shipments up to 1000 km. Road transport is widely used in the transportation of both international cargo and cargo for domestic use.

«Sea Express» provides the following services for road transport:

  • transportation of oversized and heavy cargo;
  • organization of truck transportation;
  • transportation of containers under customs control.

«Sea Express» uses the road transport primarily for transportation of the import cargo from St. Petersburg port to the warehouse of the consignee or to the place of transshipment to another mode of transport, as well as for the delivery of export goods from the warehouse of the shipper or from the place of transshipment from another mode of transport to port of St. Petersburg.

«Sea Express» performs intercity transportation within St. Petersburg area, as well as the long-distance road transportation.

«Sea Express» engages in cooperation only proven and reliable trucking companies, with which it has long-term collaboration.

All drivers, engaged by the company, have years of experience in the long-distance routes. Among the mandatory conditions - an operative communication with the driver and use of secure parking.

In accordance with current rules and practices, as well as per customer’s request, «Sea Express» organizes a convoy of valuable goods by licensed security companies or by subdivisions of the Police.

The main advantages of road transport are:

  • The ability to position vehicles to the door of the consignor or consignee.
  • The possibility of delivery to almost any settlement through an extensive network of roads. This is especially true for those places that cannot be reached by water, rail or by air.
  • Higher speed compare to rail and water transport that allows delivering cargo in a shorter time.





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