Sea transportation

Currently, the largest share of the world's container traffic carried by maritime transport.

«Sea Express» offers the following sea freight services:

  • sea freight;
  • port forwarding;
  • organization of customs inspection;
  • organization of phytosanitary control;
  • delivery of cargo to the port;
  • cargo restuffing in the port, etc.;

The major players in the container shipping industry are the big shipping companies serving all main world trades. By using of huge container vessels, they are able to minimize costs per container.

It is logical to assume that such a service as sea container transportation easier and cheaper to buy directly from shipping company. However, experience shows that this is not always the case.

As in any other market, the wholesale price is much lower than normal tariff rate. Shipping lines are interested in high utilization of their vessel capacity and therefore provide considerable discounts to big customers, who usually ships hundreds of containers every month. For small clients shipping companies usually offer standard tariff rate.

However, the small customers also have an opportunity to ship container at the rates lower than normal tariff rate.

In order to get lower freight rate, customer should approach «Sea Express» company, who is specialized in container shipping.

Combining the cargoes of its numerous clients, «Sea Express», in its turn, is acting as a big customer for the shipping lines and is able to negotiate and achieve lower freight rates.

Consequently, cooperating with «Sea Express», the customer enjoys a good rate as well as other benefits.

Sea shipment account for 75% of international transportation.

The main directions of freight traffic are Europe, Asia, and the USA. As for Russia, maritime transport is mainly used for export operations. Novorossiysk is the largest port through which the lion's shares of all shipments of the Russian Federation are made at present.

Shipping Benefits

  • Least expensive among types of cargo transportation.
  • High level of security.
  • Heavy payload and throughput.
  • Universality.
  • The ability to overcome long distances, intercontinental transport.





General and project cargo

Port forwarding

Customs clearance

Cargo insurance