Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is the transportation of goods from point A to point B, where at least two different modes of transport are involved.

«Sea Express» is ready to provide a full range of transportation services: 

  • sea transportation;
  • rail transportation;
  • road transportation;
  • cross docking;
  • warehousing;
  • transshipment in port;
  • certification;
  • cargo tracking;
  • customs clearance;
  • cargo marking, etc.

«Sea Express» provides its customers with a variety of options for multimodal transportation of import and export cargos, combining the advantages of the different modes of transport in accordance with the specific customer’s demands.

Besides other types of shipments, «Sea Express» delivers goods on a «door-to-door» basis, which includes the following stages:

  • suggestion of an optimal route and transportation scheme;
  • pick up of cargo at the shipper’s warehouse;
  • transportation of cargo from shipper’s warehouse to consignee's warehouse, including all related operations (for example, customs clearance, intermediate storage, insurance, etc.);
  • delivery of cargo to the consignee's warehouse.

After contacting with the logistics company, experts develop the most optimal routes that will be suitable for certain requests and needs of clients. It is known that well-planned freight transportation saves about 20-40% of the budget.

Budget savings consist of the following important points:

  • Correct execution of the necessary documents

All omissions and inaccuracies in the documents entail additional costs and loss of time.

  • The route depends on the type of cargo

If the cargo is non-standard (bulky, dangerous, heavy, perishable, etc.), then it is necessary to take into account all the features during transportation and correctly plan the route in advance. For example, take into account the workload of communication, seasonality, height of bridges, etc.

Benefits of multimodal transportation

  • Delivery of goods all over the world.
  • Taking advantage of various modes of transport.
  • Container multimodal transportation is safer and faster.
  • Working with one logistics company saves time and money.
  • Simplification of workflow when working with one performer.





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